The degree to which a market is characterised by prompt availability of accurate price and volume information which gives participants comfort that the market is fair. LIFFE

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transparent trans‧par‧ent [trænˈspærənt, -ˈspeər- ǁ -ˈspær-, -ˈsper-] adjective
if rules, methods, or business dealings are transparent, they are clear and people can see that they are fair and honest:

• The trade agreement between Japan and the US is more transparent, and there are no secret documents.

• The regulations will force large corporations to conduct their contract awards in a transparent manner.

— transparency noun [uncountable] :

• EU laws on transparency and competition

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transparency UK US /trænˈspærənsi/ noun (plural transparencies)
[U] a situation in which business and financial activities are done in an open way without secrets, so that people can trust that they are fair and honest: »

We need to strike balance between the need for transparency and respect for individual privacy.


Using personal accounts to conduct city business reduces the transparency of the public process.


The Treasury suggested a greater role for independent auditors to increase transparency and accountability.


Our goal is to make sure that union leaders operate with the utmost degree of transparency.


financial/market/corporate transparency

more/greater/improved transparency »

Consumer groups are backing demands for more transparency in car-hire pricing.

transparency in/on sth »

We need greater transparency in the market after last year's scandals.

a lack/shortage of transparency »

Concerns have been raised about a lack of transparency regarding the company's healthcare and pension liabilities.


promote/create/ensure transparency

Compare OPACITY(Cf. ↑opacity)
[C] a thin piece of clear plastic with writing or drawing on it that you can show on a wall or screen using an overhead projector: »

colour transparencies

See also ACETATE(Cf. ↑acetate)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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